Ramadan Series - Day 7

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous” [02:183]



The month of healing has befallen us once again. Every 365 days, it feels as if we need this Ramadan more than the one before. It is the cure for ill minds and hearts and comes when they are at their most vulnerable. When one is sick, they must go out of their way to seek ailments, whether that is at a doctors office or through prayer. Healing doesn’t show itself up at your house and ask for you to take it. Allah showers us with his infinite mercy by prescribing to us Ramadan. Ramadan comes knocking on our doors with all its medications in hand. It asks us to fast, pray, and be even more conscious of our Creator. Fasting, to cleanse our bodies and souls. Prayer, to put us at ease. Consciousness, to be mindful of the obligations of Ramadan. Our hidden pains come to surface level during this time due to the attentiveness we have toward our inner world. This is the time to not only acknowledge our difficulties, but to sit with them in solace during the dark of the night. For every itch of regret that is felt and every tear that is shed, Allah is aware. Our Creator knows our sicknesses and its ailments. If you are fasting today, know that you were meant to fast today. Allah dictated that you would have the innumerable blessing of having Ramadan invite itself in your home and heal you. Let Ramadan in, sit with it, and treat it as best as you can. Take as much as you can from it because it is only there to give to you and this may be the last time it comes to visit.