Ramadan Series - Day 15

العلم يؤتى ولا يأتي- Knowledge does not arrive it is arrived to




Imagine that it’s mid afternoon and you were busy all day doing chores in your room. You haven’t eaten or drank anything yet. At first you didn’t realize it, but you are thirsty and a bit tired. There is water and food in the kitchen, but you make excuses to yourself saying you’ll get it later, after you finish the task at hand. You know the only way to quench your needs is to go to the kitchen and eat, then drink. Knowledge is on a similar path, your mind and soul need the nourishment it gives. You can postpone it from day to day, but there will come a time where you realize you desperately need to know. Knowledge doesn’t arrive, you have to arrive to it. It is difficult if it is something you haven’t done for a while, but taking that first step will reel you in. The more that you know, the more than you realize you don’t know much. Knowledge is easily accessible, but you must sift through it to get to the root of the fruit. For now, listen to lecture, open a book and read.

Hilal IbrahimComment